Trade and Industry Participation

As an active member of the subsea community both in the UK and the US, SeaNation can assist with rapid integration into deepwater areas based upon the industry know how that comes through being a key participant in relevant niche areas of the subsea industry.

Key exposure via SeaNation is obtained through active participation within ;

  • Energy Industries Council - USA and UK
  • Subsea UK - UK
  • UK Trade and Investment - UK
  • British American Business Council (BABC) - USA
  • Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) - USA and UK
  • Deepwater Intervention Forum - USA
  • Offshore Well Intervention Forum - USA, UK and Far East
  • Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) - USA
  • American Petroleum Institute - API - Subcommittee 17 - Subsea Production
    • API 17A - RP Subsea Production Systems
    • API 17D - Specification for Subsea Production Systems
    • API 17G - Subsea Well Intervention Systems
    • API 17N - Subsea Reliability
    • API 17Q - Subsea Qualification

SeaNation can facilitate introduction to the above affiliations with targeted involvement to produce the most effective exposure to build meaningful relationships and commercial alliances. 

Please contact us for more information on how this can be tailored for your needs in developing applications in new deepwater subsea areas.