SeaNation links the engineering expertise, technology innovation and service capability of the UK offshore sector with the growing need for dedicated technology applications to operations in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico and beyond.

SeaNation applies key local knowledge in the UK regions to targeted providers of subsea and offshore technology capabilities with the applications of these technologies sought and developed through;

  • local US relationship development with key operators and service companies
  • provision of contracted expertise covering
    • project management,
    • budget and contract preparation
    • operational planning and support.

Screening of technology developments and providers, based upon the needs of subsea operations for clients and service providers in the US Gulf of Mexico and key deepwater areas of the world, SeaNation provides a unique collaborative service supporting and developing subsea operations requirements for clients with specific technology applications that give a commercial edge to deepwater applications.

Combining over 20 years of offshore and deepwater experience in both the UK, USA and beyond, SeaNation is expertly positioned to provide access, engineering support and management capability for field development, well operations and intervention as well as subsea process management and decommissioning applications.